30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall … the magical city of angels

November 9, 1989.

That night
What kind of magic is it
Last long
Could it have solved the spell of freedom?

Just 30 years ago.

The walls separating East and West Berlin collapsed
The people of the former East Berlin
I finally felt free.

What is the meaning of the Berlin Wall?

Germany is
From the defeat of World War II in 1945
Between the US, France, the UK, and the Soviet Union
Ruled by four countries
Berlin, the key to German rule,
West Berlin is US / French / English,
East Berlin by the Soviet Union
It was to be managed.

In 1961 the border was blocked
A “wall” that surrounds West Berlin
Built by about 15km.

Berlin Wall Collapse

By Perestroika
After the collapse of the Soviet system
I visited at that time.

November 9, 1989
Gunter Shabowsky
At the press conference
“To all East German citizens
“We will leave the country from East Germany.”

It was an incredible word.

How many people around the world
In front of the TV
Take a grudge
The Berlin wall is collapsing in front of you
Probably it has been seen.

Immediately from this interview
To the wall
People crowded
The youth
Break the climbed wall with a pickaxe
With Coca-Cola in hand
I drink very often.

It’s like
A clown appears
On a beautiful night in Berlin
Enchanted …
It looked strange.

What is freedom?
In such an instant
Will it be obtained?

The young people who got hope
Very short
I can’t do it
Like having a strange dream
For children
Such a mysterious feeling
It was the moment I was hugging.

15 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall

While studying in the UK
By all means
I want to go to Berlin
When I visited.

From the fall of the Berlin Wall
15 years later
When I studied in the UK
Among the students who were together at school
There were people from former East Germany and former West Germany.

If you are from the former East Germany
Really a typical German
Is it because of the time I spent all the time in communism?
It ’s not easy to express your feelings
If you are from West Germany,
A cheerful and talkative foreigner
It was impressive that I knew very much about Japan.

I When returning from this study abroad
I really want to go to Berlin
When I talked about it
Their words were also contrasting and impressive.

When you arrive in Berlin
In the former East Germany area
There is no hotel
A big building is still under construction,
I remember that only the station was new and fine.

It was a school
Their words are
It was targeted
The city of Berlin itself
What is my imagination
It was quite different
I was shocked in a good way.

Beyond the Berlin Wall

It is the wall at the time.

On the other side of the wall
What were you dreaming about?

Old paint
It tells about the time of the collapse.

It ’s just left in the East Side Gallery
From the wall collapse
At that time in 15 years
East Berlin is under redevelopment
A broken wall
It remained everywhere.

I remember the scenery I saw on that TV
My chest gets hot
Tears seemed to overflow.

There are no walls now.

I’m no longer here.

The real meaning of the wall

This wall object disappeared
Former East German people
The integrated German national mind
There was a wall
That place
Is the heart’s eye projected?

Japan is
The fall of the Berlin Wall
It is a milestone of the first year of Heisei
The year of Heisei
Finally, the 30-year milestone
this year
It became a new era called Ryowa.

Inside the festive mood
Child killing case in Kawasaki
Kyoto Animation Arson Case, etc.
There was a very hard case.

Unprecedented disasters caused by typhoons
It was in Naha, Okinawa
Shurijo Castle is also in flames
Only a few walls remain.

What was there is gone
What did not exist is completed
Someday again
It will disappear …

What was there was
All the time
It remains in people’s hearts.

I hear the word dark tourism.

Chernobyl nuclear accident
A tour of the ruins.

Stricken areas where wars, massacres, disasters, pollution, accidents occurred
A place with an unfortunate history of human rights
It is sightseeing to visit.

I can say that
It will be repeated.

that is
Because we are human.

Not just the light side
The dark side
We have humans.

no matter
Even if there are many precious people
The world
Make a mistake somewhere
It collapses little by little.

As you can see from the current situation in Germany
There are also movements such as immigration.

One day
A clown appears
On a beautiful night in Berlin
Enchanted …

The magic is
Called “freedom”
I should have lifted the limit
heart is
Simply “happiness”
It may not have been possible.

What are the walls in Japan?

Nagasaki atomic bombing

311 due to the Great East Japan Earthquake
Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident

At that time
A clown appears
In Japan
If you apply magic
What is it like?

A very small country in the east of the world.

Reconstruction is also good
War or
Leave the real thing
From now on
To the generation to be born
To convey

The wall is
It’s something for everyone.